Monday, May 22, 2006

Moving Day

I won't blog about the following:

  • The "glitch" in the paperwork that is holding up the visas for Caleb and Elise. We might have to just leave them here. And honestly, there were times today that I would have been okay with that. I love my children. I keep reminding myself of that.
  • The insurance three-ply form. This is where I write down everything we are taking, how much I think it is worth, and where and how it is going.
  • I still have a garage sale left. We just keep coming up with stuff to get rid of. Lamps, lawn mowers, fertilizer spreader, chain saw, a slip cover for the chair. We used to have one for the couch but now it has a red sort of hazy stain on it. Kind of ruins the purpose of a slipcover.
  • How I sort of "lost it" and decided--on a whim--to try the primal scream tension release technique that was so popular in the sixties. There is a reason that died out. It just upset the kids. And now Eric is tense. So much for the stress relief.

Instead I will blog about the things I hope to remember about this experience.

  • My children helping to unload the sandbox that their dad built them (with a little help from his son), and then sitting in the wheel barrow to play in the sand.
  • My children hiding around the boxes.
  • Caleb happily pitching in to take trash to the curb. Little boys really try so hard to please.
  • And I have to say the corporate relo is the way to go. I was very frazzled (and am still a bit stressed on other matters) last night, but this morning four very competent, very nice people who spoke in encouraging low voices showed up at my door. They didn't say, "Lady, what are you thinking, you are nowhere near ready for us to come." They just asked me where I wanted to send all this stuff and then began packing. (We are sending some stuff by air, some by sea, and some into storage. And not knowing where we are going to live makes these decisions difficult.)
  • Okay here is one more picture. This is what my house looks like right now.
Okay, I have to stop now because the Mavs are winning and the only way for Eric to watch is on our computer. The basketball playoffs have been hard to come by in Sydney. Oh . . .Oh, he is starting to convulse. . . .

Oh, and Dad, I was just kidding about the chain saw. You can pick it up this weekend.

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