Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Oh yeah! Prayer!

A friend of mine said she prays that her children will really play well together. That they will be best friends as they get older.

What a novel idea! I should do that. But I don't. When they are fighting, that isn't my first response. Usually, I cup my almost four year old's little jaw in my hand and squeeze it, not enough to hurt, but enough to get his attention. Then I threaten him through my clenched teeth: "If you do not play nicely with your little sister, I will take away your K-9 power ranger."

But I should try to pray first. Actually, I should probably do it always. Assume a posture of prayer, so to speak. I know that prayer should not be something that I check off a to do list. It should be a consistent, fervent conversation with God. I need change in this area. So often I simply say Hail Mary type prayers--the kind I lob up to God as I'm careening through my day. I think God wants more than the following: "God, please let my regular set of car keys be in the jeans pocket of the jeans I wore two days ago because the spare set of keys I used yesterday (when I couldn't find my regular set) are locked in the car!" I think . . . okay, I know, prayer should be different.


Robin said...

And all the mommies said...Amen!

Robin said...

PS I highly reccommend spam blocking your blog before the anonymous' find it!

Addie said...

Why don't we ever remember prayer? I never do! Thanks for the reminder.

You know something my friend has started doing with her 3 and 5 year old boys is when they fight, she asks them "Who's winning? Are you? Is God?" And then they say "No, the devil" My husband saw it in action and said it seemed like a pretty good reminder to the kids of what was really going on.

Not that I EVER think of these things when my girls are screaming at each other! :)