Friday, September 09, 2005

Step Class

I began taking a step class in December. Step in the Dallas/Fort Worth area has a definite cult following. The first time I showed up I thought I’d happened upon a lost colony of Rockettes that had all retired, moved to the Metroplex and joined my fitness center. The second time I showed up I was certain of it.

Let me just say, I have a habit of writing my name in the air with my pointer finger to determine which is my right hand. So as Cathy or Pam (the much idolized step instructors at my fitness center—and deservedly so) instruct us to lead on our left in a reverse hop-turn, over the top, with a three knee repeater soon to turn into a pogo, I am thinking, in a very slow deliberate manner, “Okay, my watch is on my left hand, so I need to lift the foot that corresponds to the watch hand.” I lack rhythm as well. I go to one of those churches where they frequently clap. I don’t. It is difficult for me to sing and clap in rhythm at the same time. Despite these minor obstacles, I love my step class. It goes by really fast, it burns a ton of calories, and I have to concentrate so hard, I don’t notice how much I am sweating. It’s great!

Honestly, I’m in awe of Cathy and Pam, the instructors. In each class we learn at least five 16-count combinations which we put together in various orders at the end of class. Cathy and Pam teach a different routine to the class each time. If that weren’t hard enough, when Cathy is actually doing one step she is cuing the class for the next step. She also must often say the reverse of what she is actually going to do because she is facing the class. If she says go right, then in a couple of beats she will actually do the opposite of what she just told everyone else to do by going left. Amazing!

I could practice for years and never be able to do what they do. What a relief that I don’t have to. Isn’t it great that my faith allows me to believe that God has a specific plan and place for me? One that is custom made for my strengths and also for my weaknesses. Meanwhile, I can marvel at his creation and stand in awe of those that He has given different talents and abilities.

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praynlady said...

I am already confused. I also have 2 left feet. "You Go Girl"! Step on for those of us who can't!