Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A few last pics

We will be leaving the Dallas area on Saturday. I think we will have one final garage sale. It just seems easier at this point to move everything out to the garage and have other people take it away. If I price things right (dirt cheap) that will happen.

Here are Caleb and Elise reading in the chair that is now at Sarah's house. Notice that Elise seems to be intently looking at a page with nothing on it. She just likes to mimic her brother. There are many memories in this house. We had planned to be here at least until the kids graduated from high school. After that, well, we'd have had to look at wheel chair accessibility, but we might have been able to pull it off. I had grand dreams for this home. Including a hottub in the bathroom that allowed you to swim underneath the wall into the pool outside and totally retractable walls in the eating area off the kitchen along with some sort of misquito solution. Okay, perhaps I've moved beyond the dream category into the delusion category. But the point is I had made plans. But it isn't just plans that change. When plans change dreams change.

I had a plan for how I wanted to live my life here--one that involved more than a house remodel--but God seems to have a different plan for us. And really it is on a moment by moment basis on whether or not I'm happily going along with it. I know the verse says "straight and narrow is the way" and sometimes I think a straight way should be easy to follow. But I am reminded that few find it.

I hiked the Hermit trail in the Grand Canyon. It is an unmaintained trail that leads to the bottom of the canyon. Perhaps the trail was straight, but since few passed along it, the trail was nonexistent in some places. So we seemed to be on the trail at times, but other times we were not. In those places we would look for Rock cairns. People who had gone before had taken rocks and piled them one atop the other so that others that followed would know the way. Considering that at one point we walked over the bones of a dead mountain sheep that I imagined had lost his way, those rock cairns were very helpful.

Okay, well, the movers are here and today we are packing up the computer. It seems I've lost my way on this post. But I'll throw it out there today and try to make sense of it later.

Also, we may be at church Saturday Night (I can't be for certain). If we are, we would love to meet everyone in the coffeeshop one last time.

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