Thursday, January 05, 2006

Must get Christmas Cards out before stamps go up!

I was up at four this morning addressing Christmas Cards. If you are expecting a Christmas Card and don't get one it is probably because we don't have your zip code. Unless you are my parents. For some reason, we don't have their address! And that is where we took the Christmas picture! I thought about sending it to their old address and hoping for the best. But they have lived at this new place for three years now.

UPDATE! Found it.

But I still have a stack of letters of people that don't have zip codes. I also ran out of Christmas pictures. I'm hoping Sam's will still let me make some more copies with the Christmas card format on it. If not we'll just send it out on one of those Baby announcement formats. Elise is one and a half. It is a little late, but then so is the Christmas letter.

Next year I'm going to send these out in July. Which means we'd better take that picture some time next week.

Anyway, the good news is I have enough stamps as long as I get these out by Sunday before my .37 stamps become obsolete. Pretty soon it'll just be cheaper for us to hand deliver them.

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