Thursday, January 05, 2006

sugar and spice and everything nice.

Yeah! Right.

That poet never met my daughter. She's tough.

I have a friend who has two boys and is so excited about now having a girl. I hate to burst her excitement, but except that Elise will pat the head of her doll rather than take it off(Caleb didn't have a doll until he was potty training.) she is every bit as active (read: destructive) as my son.

She knows a little sign language and one of her first signs was the one for hurt. Right now her favorite outside activity is to walk down a small hill, lose her balance, fall on her face, do the "hurt" sign (though recently she has learned to say OW! OW! OW!) and then clap at her accomplishment. She falls every day. It hasn't stopped her.

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