Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Seven Things

Stephanie tagged me with the sevens list. Here is mine.

Seven Things I want to Do Before I Die:
--Hike the Pacific Crest Trail
--Teach my children American history by traveling in an RV for a year (well maybe six months with a nice two week break from the kids afterwards.)
--Write a book
--Work at the Grand Canyon (I did this during the summers while I was in college. Honestly, if my husband said he'd had enough with his job and wanted to move--I'd suggest the Grand Canyon. He'd have to get over the idea that he has an engineering degree and about the only jobs available are for bussers and cashiers.)
--Travel! Travel! Travel! I can't even narrow down the place. I'll go anywhere.
--Learn Spanish with my whole family in Costa Rica.
--Read the entire Bible through (Actually, I'd like to make this a yearly thing for a while.)

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
--10 push-ups, well, I can't do five either.
--Eat tuna fish or cheese pimento sandwiches.
--Keep my desk, or my house for that matter organized and decluttered.
--Operate a lawn mower.
--Drive a stick shift.
--Eat chips with "flavoring" on them. Can't stand cheetos.
--Dance hip hop.

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Husband
--He's hot!
--He's funny.
--He's a great husband, he really tries to understand me and that is tough to do and sometimes probably not worth the trouble, but he does it anyway.
--He's a great father.
--He's obedient to Christ.
--He likes challenges.
--He is easy to be around.

Seven Things I Say Most Often
--Where are my keys?
--I will put this in my blog! (Just kidding)
--Eric, Can you see what's the matter with Elise?
--Where are Elise's shoes?
--Caleb, your shoes are in . . .
--Where are my shoes?
--Yes, you can wear your Spiderman pajamas.

Seven Books, Or Series, That I Love
--Pride and Predjudice
--A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
--The Challenge of Jesus by N.T. Wright
--The Gospel of John and Genesis (I really know Genesis well, because every year I always vow to read the Bible in a year and I at least always make it through Genesis.)
--The Anne of Green Gable Series and Little House on the Prarie Series (I will read Little House to Elise like my mom did for me.)
--To Kill a Mockingbird
--Can I put Shakespeare here? I like Midsummer's Night Dream.

Seven Movies I Would Watch Over and Over (This is a different question than what were your favorite or most impactful movies. I liked Schindler's list and The Passion, but I'm not eager to see either over and over again.)
--Pride and Predjudice (which is really a beating for my husband.)
--Forest Gump
--Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (another beating for my husband, but there are some really great dance numbers in there . . . . which is why it is a beating for my husband.)
--Waiting for Guffman (same people that did Spinal Tap)
--Little Shop of Horrors
--The Rear Window

Wow, this is harder than it looks!

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