Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Cheap Christmas Presents

I am all about spending less than a dollar on kids toys. Today Caleb didn't eat any of his kid's meal at Wendy's because he was enthralled by a Maya and Miguel toy(we don't even watch this show) that functioned kind of like a magic eight ball. You ask it a yes/no question and it gives back an answer. On the other side of the contraption, you could ask their parrot a question in Spanish.

He can't even read. Which meant that while I was teaching Elise to sip through a straw and keep her food on the table (I didn't do so well at the latter.) I was also having to teach Caleb how to read the words: no, yes, unlikely, possible, and ask again. AND I also taught Caleb Spanish: No, Si', pregunta otra vez, poco probable, posible, (See Eric! I can multi-task!) All while trying to eat my own food. It wasn't until we were getting ready to leave that I realized that Caleb had eaten all of about three fries. (There goes my multi-tasking points.)

Anyway, Elise is the same way. Her favorite "toys" besides small items that she can choke on are left over shampoo and make up bottles. Though she'd much prefer them to be full. So I was excited to find at Academy (of all places) a pretend make up set for 88 cents! Wow! She is constantly into all the drawers in the bathroom, pulling out my makeup, brushes, anything she can get her hands on. So I'm hoping she will like this.

I can't believe it was only .88 cents. You can't get a pack of gum for .88 cents!

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