Friday, December 02, 2005

Christmas Shopping

Okay, here I am at another gift buying occasion. I've already discussed some of my past problems with buying gifts.

I can't stand to buy him anymore Power Ranger toys. For one thing, now this one is broken. If the assembly instructions get any more complex, I'm going to have to either get a graduate degree in mechanical engineering or rent a ten year old.

But I had an epiphany this afternoon. It occurred after I got Caleb a balance board at Target. (I was going to try to provide a link, but I can't find it online.) Caleb and I both have had loads of fun on it, both of us laughing like four year olds. And now that he is napping, it is still fun! I'm typing and maintaining perfect posture while sitting on an exercise ball and keeping my feet on the balance board (harder than it looks.) For added enjoyment, I'm bouncing in rhythm while The Artist Formerly Known as Prince (should all that be capitalized) sings Little Red Corvette on one of those satellite TV radio stations.

Back to my epiphany--I'm going to find toys for Caleb that I like. I thought at first that this was being selfish, but then I realized that I already buy clothes for Eric that I want him to wear, so it seems like I've already been engaging in this form of self-centeredness for years!

So . . . It's okay.

Kind of like a committed wino who decides to start drinking hard liquor as well. I figure while I might not be a better person for choosing toys for my children based upon what I like, I'm not really any worse.

Here are a couple of sites I'm checking out:

Cool Tools by Kevin Kelly

Mighty Goods

Back to Basic Toys

I've found the beamo and Fun ride super z so far.

Shopping for Elise might be more of a challenge, but I'm thinking she could use a new couch--one with an attached chaise, preferably leather.

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