Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I was going to write a post today . . .

But I've read too much stuff that is better than anything I have to say.


Addie links to the story of her father-in-law. He is a Palistinian and a former PLO sniper. You must read his story. Amazing story!

Read Minnie's post on sleep deprivation and the Pakistani nurse. . . well, you just have to read it. Minnie you are in my prayer and it is good to see you are in good hands. I am priviledged to know many of the people that have helped Minnie out through all of this. They are vivid examples of what it means to be the Body of Christ.

Read Sarah's post the night before she had their little girl (Addison Elizabeth--beautiful)!

Also, read Lori's cleaning tips! Very good information (let me add that you really don't need lemons to pull of the microwave cleaning tip, just use water.)

Terri is now at a different site than the one on the side-bar, but she wrote about her girls' store. Households that contain three or four girls just seem to take on a life of their own.

And Amy at Humble Musings has a great post about matching a child's talents and passions with assignments.

Tim Challis writes about not only the need to help others but also the need to admit needing help. I can especially identify. I've had to learn to ask others for help lately. And I know being a blessing is as great or greater than being blessed.

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