Thursday, May 11, 2006

I am too young to give out "life" advice

But, I am trying to make a just a few decisions right now. I think the first decision I made today was wrong. I have not been living in the right kingdom lately. I've worried, fretted, tried to control things that really are not mine to control, and hurried. So, Bev's post on God and manna was particularly encouraging and helpful. Basically Bev said she would not worry about tomorrow but would gather her manna for today. My mom was here and she basically said the same thing Bev did. I guess these are words that you get to say when you've raised three children and now have grandchildren.

I hope it is okay to mention that she and her family could use your prayers that all is well with a new grandchild, an absolutely beautiful little girl. I don't want to say more because there are people closer to the situation than I who can pass along information.

And it reminded me of words I'd written awhile back. They are words I need to recall.

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