Friday, January 13, 2006

Flicker Ball!

I'm still doing the boot camp fitness program at our gym.

And today we played Flicker Ball. When it comes to flicker ball

I am invincible!

Well . . . at least among the 30 to 40 year old women who are also taking boot camp fitness to get back into some kind of shape. Actually, there are several women in there who are in great shape, but they don't count. They are like the geniuses in freshman Chemistry that blow the curve so often they get discounted. So again, let me say that among the fairly reasonably fit, well, sort of

I am invincible!

But really, there is probably nothing funnier going on at the gym at 9:30 than the flicker ball game among a bunch of middle age moms on the basketball court. But you'd be surprised. We sent one of the trainers home to nurse a sprained ankle when we played soccer.

The surprising thing to me; however, was that I looked down at my heart rate monitor and it said 184. My heart rate was 184! I couldn't believe it. If it is 184 on the treadmill, my knees, hips, lungs and leg muscles are plotting an overthrow. But I didn't feel that way playing flicker ball. It was fun. Anyway, I feel like we were made for fun, for joy. To run outside, toss a Frisbee, tackle our four year olds to the ground in a tickling match. Somewhere along the line we get bogged down with contesting our property taxes, wringing the last dime out of the monthly budget, trying to find matches to three lonely socks, counting weight watcher points, hmmm. . . What are some other life sucking activities that I can think of?

I seem to spend a lot of time wondering what I can get that will make me happy, when perhaps I should think about what I can give away that will make me happy.

Perhaps the key to finding happiness is to live in Heaven. Not try to construct it. God has already done that, but live like I am in it. We always talk about baptism as a symbol that you have died to your old self and now you are new. But perhaps we need to know that we have elected to live in another realm. We live in a realm where all of our deeds are known and all of our needs are met. It does no good to try to hide them or be something we are not. In this realm there is plenty, no need for penny pinching. In this realm, no one cares about matching socks. In this new realm we don't worry about our weight because we burn huge numbers of calories laughing over long meals and playing flicker ball.

No one hurries in heaven.

I don't have this all worked out yet. Because I know that this world is an intersection of two realms. One is good. One isn't. And wounds, pains, heartaches are our experience. But in an increasingly complicated world where we look for easier ways to decide which is the narrow road, perhaps asking myself what choice would I make in a realm with no time and no death and no worry. Well, It seems an important question to ask

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