Saturday, April 22, 2006

See what I am up against!

I crave an uncluttered lifestyle. Sadly, genetics and marriage have done little to bring relief in this area:

Here is a post from my mom (Mom, thanks for posting, by the way):

Leslie, I'm so glad that I have kept all of your things from preschool,grade
school, junior high, high school and college. Otherwise, I'm sure they would go,
too! And they probably wouldn't even have made the garage sale - straight to the
trash! What a horrible thought! Your past gone forever! Mom
And here is a post from Eric:

FYI to the BlogWorld - I will NEVER give up the purple and black checked
shirt that I wore to my Junior High Homecoming dance back in 1988. .

He's right, no one would buy it.

Coming soon, opportunity to own (for free) items that did not sell at my garage sale.

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