Friday, March 03, 2006

Zoo trip yesterday

We went to the zoo yesterday. We go quite frequently and every. time. we. go. Caleb has to see the Alligator, the one fartherest from the enterance to the park and on the opposite side of the white tigers, which is what I'd rather see. This time you could barely make it out back there among the bushes. It mind's well be fake, and let me just say I have my suspicions. In fact there is a fake alligator at the Rain Forest Cafe in the Grapevine Mills Mall--now that is one scary alligator. It growls and mist comes up from the water. It opens it mouth and sort of charges at people passing by. Impressive.

The alligator at the zoo never moves. Usually you can only see part of it. Once we did see it sort of bob around in the water, but even then I've seen a plastic fishing cork look more lively. All I'm saying is if the Fort Worth Zoo ever needs to make budget cuts, I'd just put in a fake alligator. No one will ever know the difference.

On another note, yesterday they were auctioning off a painting* by Rasha.

Rasha is an elephant.

Now one might find this a bit depressing, especially if your name happened to be Rembrant or Renoir. But I have a painting by Caleb that is equally impressive. I'm getting him some canvases, paint brushes, and paint then we'll be headed to Canton where all fortunes in East Texas are made.

*could not find a link to Rasha's elephant art, but apparently Rasha has competition.

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