Monday, February 27, 2006

MOM where are you?

I finally found out why mom won't post.

She can't.

My haloscan comments won't allow her to post without obtaining a URL. Obtaining a URL sounds like something you receive in the mail along with a "free trial" item that you will owe money on if you fail to return it within a three day period.

I don't think I'll be hearing from Mom in my comments section.

AND I was considering taking out the Haloscan code, but I can't find my original template code. I was already stretching my very tiny "techie" gene (probably inherited from my mother) by putting it in there.

The real kicker is I still don't know how to do a trackback (which is the only reason to have Halosca in the first place). Here was my latest attempt.

As I'm typing this though I'm thinking she doesn't have to type in a URL. I think she can just leave that blank.

I'm calling her back.

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