Thursday, February 02, 2006

Model Child

Okay, actually, my son is far from the Model Child. I mean he isn't a bad kid or anything, but everytime I might think of my having "a model child", I'm drug through another humbling experience of walking through the parking lot with my son yelling, "I am just going to leave you here!"

But for the last couple of weeks he has been great in the mornings. Every morning Caleb, Elise and I head to the gym. Caleb gets out of the Jeep, takes out my gym bag which is on rollers and then wheels it up to the door while I carry Elise. Then as I open the door to the foyer, he moves in front of the door to hold it open so Elise and I can go inside. He will continue to hold it open for anyone else that might be coming, all the while holding my gym bag. He is insistent upon doing this. I've had to tell several people to just come inside. And then, we repeat that process at the next door leading into the building. He will not give up his position as doorman.

But the really interesting part is the effect it has on the person in front of us. When Caleb is holding the Foyer door open for me, the person going into the main building always watches him and then holds the door open for someone else or for me as well. It has happened the last three days in a row. Anyway, It just struck me how a four year old, without saying anything, could alter someone elses behavior.

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