Wednesday, January 25, 2006

We haven't left yet.

Just in case you were wondering about this.

But I am working on a lesson for a class I am taking at my church. It can only be 10 min. Right now I'm thinking that Moses had it easy. He just went up into a smoky mountain and God told him, "Say this." He even typed it out for him.

But I'm in Texas. And it is pretty flat around here.

It is hard to say all that you want to say in 10 min. Well, it is if you are me. I keep telling myself that Jesus said a lot in 10 minutes. Probably the longest passages of red letters in my NIV version of the Bible, if read aloud, would amount to 10 min. But, of course, that is Jesus. Right now, I count this up to one of His miracles.

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