Sunday, January 22, 2006

Great family resource

My Parents' church goes to the Willow Creek Leadership conference every year. This year my parents were most impressed with Andy Stanley's Kid Stuff, and they brought us back one of the resources that comes from his church. Their church is considering a family style ministry similar to the one done at North Point Community Church. The resource is called Family Time. It is based upon the Hebrew educational model which is much more conversational and based upon the premise that you bring your children along with you in your daily activities. They have a family time character development tool that you can use each month. It has activities that you can do at dinner, in the morning, at bed time and in the car. It requires very little (none, really) advance planning and most of the teaching occurs conversationally. The packets run about $12.00. We have not used the one that we have, but I was looking over the material today and it really looks great.

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