Saturday, December 31, 2005

Things I will not do this year.

  • I will not dress my four year old. (Except for pictures and maybe church every once and a while) I WILL refrain from making him put his shirt on frontwards or matching his shirts and socks. I WILL buy all matching clothes--probably all in a common shade of blue.
  • I will not vow to lose 10 lbs. (It hasn't worked for the last three years.) I will play with Caleb and the Beamo on nice days.
  • I will not drink more than one caffienated beverage a day.
  • I will not do for my children things I know perfectly well that they can do themselves. (*No carrying Elise unless I want to.)
  • I will not hurry. I will not. I will not. I will not!
  • I will not work on my weaknesses to the exclusion of my strengths.
  • I will not search for a pen and something to write on (I just bought 82 pens and 1400 post it notes and located them at different points in my house.)
  • I will not decorate the kids out of our common living spaces. (We are doing some decorating, and it is really tempting for me to make the house look like the magazines, of course it never works for more than five minutes, so I am taking a different decorating approach--just not sure what that is yet.)

I will not think of "If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.," as a threat. I WILL concentrate on loving Christ and, therefore, think of it as a promise.

*Update: okay, that is a bit unreasonable. But I will try to slow down my life so that Elise can walk beside me. I think that is important.

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