Saturday, December 24, 2005

Santa came a day early

It is so quiet now.

I've been through the mad Christmas rush.

Christmas shopped on the eve of Christmas Eve. Lost my Keys in a store. Again. Found them. Again (after a full back track of the entire Southlake Main Street shopping center.)

Attended our New Years Eve service and this year it seemed a bit muted. More solemn. More reverent. It was about the good light that God made in the beginning and the cruel darkness that came and then the tiny light in the form of a baby that He sent that continues to renew His once perfect creation.

I've wrapped the presents.

Santa called last night and asked if he could come a day early. Too many children on the good list this year. Overbooked on Christmas. Thought Caleb would understand.

Caleb was fine with that.

Put together all the adult assembly required toys and after robbing the older toys of their batteries so the new toys would work on Christmas morning, I finally got a few hours of sleep.

But I really get excited about Christmas, and I don't sleep well.

So I am up and it is quiet. I made the wassail and am now smelling its aroma as it simmers in the kitchen.

Ooops, Actually, it is at a full roiling boil. Need to fix that right quick and add the lemon juice that I forgot. . . .There.

I've plugged in the Christmas lights and lit a fire in the fireplace, all in the hopes that the faces of my children display the shiniest lights of all.

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