Thursday, December 08, 2005

Parenting advice from Aunt Abby and Aunt Martha

This blog title is scary on so many levels. First of all it is scary that I, young as I am, know anything about an old black and white movie filmed in the 1940's. Secondly, the title is Arsenic and Old lace and it is about two old maids that take in boarders, who are usually old bachelors with no family connections. The women are so moved by the loneliness these men exhibit that they poison the men with arsenic mixed in elderberry wine. The poisoning part is not where I derive my new parenting strategy!

Anyway, they also have a nephew that thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt. And they just go with it. In fact they use it to their advantage. Every time another one of their "gentlemen" meets his demise, Teddy goes to build another "lock" for the Panama Canal in the cellar.

I've decided that Caleb can be Spiderman as long as he wants. And while he is, I'm going to take full advantage.

Here is Spiderman, standing upon a tall building and helping me unload dishes from the dishwasher.

Spiderman can save the city from total annihilation by putting all the Little People back in their drawers.

Spiderman can take Doc Ock, stuff him in a garbage can, and take him to the curb.

Spiderman sometimes has to dress incognito so that he can hide from the evil Doc Ock (this was the only way we were able to take the Christmas picture.)

Well, you get the point. I've contemplated a change in Superheroes, but the only other ones he seems vaguely interested in are the Silver Surfer (who is he?) and The Hulk (too destructive, makes him moody.) So right now we are sticking with Spiderman. I just have to keep him from climbing and leaping off the furniture.

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