Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Government and Politics

I can understand the desire to have men and women in office who possess character and honesty. I can not understand the need felt by many religious people to control the government. It seems an impossible task and unlikely to give those of faith good press. And at times it seems almost idolatrous.

I don't want this sight to be about politics, but I bring it up because of what I read at Operation Eden.

He has captured images that have haunted, touched, warmed, distressed me and I am thankful he has shared his talents and experiences. He is telling and has told a beautiful, personal tale (okay, I hate that word "tale"--story maybe, I don't know) of his family's trial and the people that have helped him.

I hope he realizes that our government will always be impersonal, but our God is not. God came down to this earth as a human being, a baby, he came to restore the Garden of Eden and the connection that was severed between God and man and our environment. Those who believe in Christ, at some level understand that it is the human connection that is most important. Not programs, not money, or replicable results. Love really does conquer all, and it is a little degrading to think that (and I am as guilty as anyone at trying to make a system work) if we just tweak the system enough then we can fix a broken world and all us humans will run happily around like rats in a maze behaving according to light and buzzer cues and rewards of cheese pellets-after all we are images of God.

Rob Bell, whom I've mentioned several times has a great teaching on this called Sexy on the Inside. I wish I could connect these two people--play God for a moment and plop them down on the same overstuffed olive green couch in the same living room underneath a great big purple and black portrait of a Velvet Elvis.

But I am learning--slowly--God is good at what He does.

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