Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Additional BOA thoughts

In the church I grew up in, First Baptist Church, Athens, Texas, an anonomous person gave a huge sum of money, or maybe he didn't give a specific amount, but anyway, it was given around Christmas time. The idea was anyone could have the money to give something to someone else. No strings attached. I was in college and away at the time. But my sister was still a member. She bought clothes for a friend of hers who was a struggling college student. Was the system abused? Maybe. Was it worth the risk? Definitely!

If I were BOA, I would plug their new program to church youth groups. Students DO NOT need credit cards, nor do they need to be walking around campus with loads of cash. But students could use the "free" money given in matching funds and the savings accumulated in pocket change to really bless the lives of others. Hopefully, a sixteen year old is not saddled with loads of credit card debt that needs to be paid off. And teens are so creative. A hundred bucks is a lot of money to a teen, or at least it should be.

It would be a great way for small groups to have cash on hand for charitable giving as well.

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