Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I'm not much of a crier, but I can faint with the best of them. If anybody around me faints, I'll at least get light headed. If I happen to be donating blood and someone asks, "How do you feel, do you feel faint?" There I go.

I used to be in a Women's choir in college. We had to wear ballet slippers, so no arch supports, and if I didn't eat lunch I'd begin to get dizzy and the room would go black and I'd have to sit down in the middle of a concert. I did this about three times during my women's choir days. The funny thing was that whenever I fainted, I could count on taking about three others with me--women who saw me and got nervous and just began to black out as well.

Part of this might be physical. I have low blood pressure. Low enough to where a doctor once asked me, "Are you alive?" --Not a comforting question coming from a doctor. But some of it is psychological. Especially since I've had so much practice.

All this to say that I was watching TV the other day and Binny Hinn was on. His corporate offices are right down the street from my house, BTW. You can't tell though except for the giant Jesus that is lit up at night in the foyer and the white BHM security vans.

But as I was saying, I could be a great Binny Hinn fainting instigator. Get me up on that stage with those hot lights and a missed meal in front of thousands of people in wheel chairs. I could bring the whole house down--literally.


Stephanie said...

You are too funny. I don't remember fainting even once in my life. What's it like? ha ha

Leslie said...

Well, in my case everything starts to go black in my periphery vision and then the blackness moves inward and usually by that time, I sit down. I see some people just fall over, that has never been my experience.