Friday, November 18, 2005

Continued thoughts

When Jesus died and rose again, The disciples realize that Jesus conquered something greater than the Roman Empire. He conquered death and sin.

Why didn't the Jewish people embrace Christ in this moment?

They couldn't let go of this kingdom.

In this kingdom they had found purpose. They were important. They had so much. They could not let go. They had plans for this kingdom. They wanted to make it work.

Jesus says join my kingdom and be my brothers and sisters. Step out of that Kingdom that is bent on distruction and enter mine.

Again, some people, like those who would not leave their possessions on the sinking Titanic, can't give up the things, the power, the work that they believe will become worthless if they leave, in order to get in a life raft.

People wonder why America has such a vibrant Christian population. Despite our faults, I still see a difference between our country and say France, where the churches are nothing but museums--memorials of a dead faith. Perhaps it is because we are a country of immigrants, descendents of people who gave up kingdoms (however small), that we can enter more easily into Christ's kingdom. We are not so far removed from those who shed their belongings, bowed there heads, dropped their shoulders and passed through the eye of the needle.

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