Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bank of America Debit Card! YEA!

Okay, why do I care about a debit card?

Because Bank of America has this awesome new program!

All of that change that gets eaten by the washing machine, or my one year old, or lost in the couch, or left in the parking lot of the gym (because I decide that .10 isn't worth the extra effort it takes to bend down and pick up after the punishing workout I just endured), now it can fund our retirement.

But actually, I got to thinking. What if we took this money and donated it to some organization that gets good reviews from online charity rankings.

One thing that I like about BOA's program is that it encourages us to use our debit card as opposed to our credit card. It really is a responsible program and if you want to use it to pay off credit card debt it is a program that really can work for you.

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