Sunday, November 27, 2005

Attempts at Community

Our pastor Ed Young is doing a sermon series on "Why I . . . ". This Sunday's was called Why I doubt. He mentioned that doubts needed to be addressed in community. I began to think about that community where doubts can be expressed and lovingly addressed.

Expressing doubt is a risk.

Sometimes I have those people with whom I can take that risk in certain areas and sometimes I don't. Particularly when I need to talk to someone who might be a few years removed from my own situation. Perhaps someone whose children are older, someone who has been down a particular road before. Sometimes, in my circle of friends, that person isn't there.

But relationships are important and as I build my own relational circles, I should do my part to help others with theirs. I believe there exists within the Body of Christ a power that is unleashed when we seek to connect with one another. Too often we plan programs, implement steps, and try to replicate prior results, but all of that pales in comparison to the Body of Christ when it motivated by the Holy Spirit.

Anyway, one small attempt is on the right side of this blog, I just added the names I've come across of people that blog and attend my church. I hope I'm not breaking any blogging etiquette by doing so, but connections between persons who form Christ's body are important and this is one small way to foster them.

To my knowledge, not too many people read this blog, but perhaps something can come of this. I'm not sure what, but I'm hoping smarter people than me will weigh in.

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