Monday, October 17, 2005

A visit from the imaginary friends

It's been a while since Caleb's imaginary friends have visited. But tonight they joined us for Caleb's bath. Caleb's friend is Jaric, His brother is Baric, and his friend-monster is Haric. Haric has changed his appearance quite often. I guess you can do that if you are a monster. At first he, "did not look like anthing, but he smelled like potatoes." Then he smelled like potato chips. Now he looks like a banana. I was informed that he is all yellow with black on the top and bottom. And he has some black spots in the middle.


Addie said...

Wow, that is too cute! My daughter would make up names for her imaginary friends also and they would rhyme just like your sons. I think it is so sweet. Enjoy it! It'll be a little sad when the __ric boys don't come around anymore.

(I hope they got a good bath so they didn't smell like potatos and chips any more!)

praynlady said...

I always wondered why we as adults didn't have imaginary friends. They are so enlightening to our children yet we seem to have lost a little of our imagination as we grew up. It would be nice to have the childlike faith in an imaginary friend at times. I talk to God frequently as I know He is my friend, just not imaginary. Oh, how I miss the early days of childhood and the ease with which we could make friends in our heads. God is awesome!