Thursday, September 01, 2005

Cost of Living

I just paid $2.84 for gasoline and thought I got a good deal!

I also thought I'd record a few prices of grocery items. I shopped at the Super Wal-Mart, and for some reason thought this information was so important, I fished the receipt out of the trash can by the computer.

Apples (gala): .96/lb.--Galas are so much better than Delicious. Something I learned when I began to shop for myself.

Avocados (Well, sad, scrawny-looking, little avocados): .38/ea.
Romaine: 1.38/ea.

One of those big double boxes of Cheerios (Otherwise known to my one year old as Food of the Gods): 6.62

Whole Milk (The cheapest available): 2.98

Pepsi One (Otherwise known to the one year old's mother as : Food of the Gods):4.98.

Tuna Packets: .92

Brown Rice: .82

Bananas: .38

Eggs (60 of them--you can by 60 eggs in one container!): 3.74

Okay, this is probably the single most nerdy thing I've ever done, this coming from someone who was on the high school debate team and played the clarinet.


Addie said...

You did get a good deal on gas. I paid 2.99 yesterday. On Monday I paid 2.52. This is insane. I hope the price goes down a little bit after the holiday.

praynlady said...

Hi, I have to disagree with you on the pepsi thing! lol Dr Pepper is the "Nector of the Gods" Food? heehee