Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wonderful cathartic experience of a garage sale

I've put off my garage sale until Saturday. I'm not sure you gain that much from a Friday/Saturday garage sale anyway. If I garage sale shop on Saturday, I usually stop at the one dayer anyway. Besides, it rained all of today and I really need to set things outside in order to get them organized. There really is no other way.

Meanwhile I'm savoring the cathartic eurphoria that comes with a big garage sale. I love getting rid of things. I love reclaiming the space. I hate . . .hate keeping things I might use in the future. Where do I put it? And if I do keep it I usually I forget I have it (or I forget where I put it), and so then I go out and by another one. And then I have two of whatever it was I wasn't sure I really needed in the first place.

And right now, I'm cleaning out my husband's office and closet. He is in Australia and there is nothing he can do about the fact that I intend to cull his '80's greatest hits CD collection (note* he has an entire collection of "greatest hits" CD's. I mean after ten greatest hits CD's of eighties music, just how great can they be?) and I'm going to find out what he is storing in all of those shoe boxes in his closet.

He told me they were all empty.

We'll see.

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