Thursday, April 27, 2006

Two deductibles

Evidently I cannot be both at fault and a hapless victim in one wreck--at least in Texas anyway. So I have to pay both deductibles before they will fix my cars. I thought I might have to only pay one.

Oh well.

Right now I am trying to decide whether or not I want to have another garage sale. I haven't made arrangements for the kids which means they will be "helping" me if I decide to do it. Here are the reasons for a garage sale at this moment:

  • I will be able to touch up the trim in the hallway once I am able to get to the can of paint that is behind the weight set that is behind the ladder that is behind the table with all of the left over CD's and tapes that no one wanted last week that is behind the two chairs with the broom stick across them holding all of Eric's shirts that he wore in Junior High and some sweaters wrapped in plastic that I found in his closet that I have never seen him wear in six years of marriage.
  • Once I sell all the kitchen items on the three tiered make-shift shelving rack that I engineered with scrap wood and our Wonder Ladder (I think that is what they call it anyway--and it really is a pretty handy item) I can change the two light bulbs in the great room.
  • One car can go back into the garage so that I won't crash into it again.
  • Decrease the amount of emergency savings I will need to pay to fix two wrecked vehicles.
  • Good chance someone will buy the fake ficus tree.


  • I have to put out garage sale signs. This is the part I most hate about garage sales.
  • I have to set everything out again. Then I have to drag everything that did not sale back into the garage.
  • I have to get up early and allow my son to watch copious amounts of Noggin while I am outside.

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