Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Things to do list


Okay, I need to be making a to-do list. But I'd rather blog--so here is the compromise. It really is not worth reading.

Done!, I need to do!, after I'm in Australia

  1. Clean baseboards that have never ever been cleaned.
  2. Sell two cars, yet still manage to have at least one until we leave.
  3. Meet with realtors.
  4. Plant pretty flowers in the front yard.
  5. Basically sell all our earthly possessions, particularly anything with a plug. Those item do not work in Australia and converters can get messy.
  6. Find nice home for nice cat, who by the way is very tolerant of children.
  7. Have the handyman repair all those little things that slightly annoy me but with which I have learned to live for the past year or two.
  8. See my family before we leave.
  9. See Eric's mom before we leave.
  10. Get physicals and special chest x-rays from a specially certified doctor so that we can get Visas.
  11. Call the donation place for all of the stuff we are not selling, storing, or shipping.
  12. Call the carpet cleaners.
  13. Oh yes, do things with my kids so they will know they still have parents.
  14. Celebrate Easter.
  15. Start back on my 90 day Bible which has gone on hiatus for the last three weeks.
  16. Cancel my gym membership.
  17. Return book to friend.
  18. Take care of my 5,518.00 I saved up for teacher retirement when I taught. It is such a piddling amount they've just offered to give it back to me.
  19. Hook up Vonage.
  20. Check out a new Blog service for my Australia Blog.
  21. Find a place to live.
  22. Find a way to live without furniture for several weeks until our furniture arrives.
  23. Donate all non perishable food items.
  24. Maintain the lawn.
  25. Did I mention the cat already?
  26. Meet with and say a final goodbye to family and friends.
  27. Call Kari
  28. Have an estate sale.
  29. Meet with Felicia and let her make an offer on all our stuff.
  30. Have movers come and make estimates for shipping and storage.
  31. Have movers come and move the stuff.
  32. Sell refrig to neighbors.
  33. Convince Eric to let go of some of his clothes from high school days.
  34. Make one Grand trip to Ikea for easily packable items that are useful
  35. Buy a sewing storage container.
  36. Buy a small DVD player for the airplane ride. Buy activity books with Spiderman on them.
  37. Buy drugs for airplane ride--dispense them to fellow passengers if my kids become unruly on the flight.--kids are on zyrtec, will give to fellow passengers if they request.
  38. Find a church close to where we live.
  39. Buy a Bosu ball and a couple of home gym items.
  40. Call the dentist about suspicious looking place on back tooth.
  41. Get dental records
  42. Get medical records
  43. Get passports
  44. Submit receipts.
  45. Clean refrigerators.
  46. Clean out all cabinets.
  47. Touch up paint in house.
  48. Find way to patch hole in wall.
  49. Ask neighbors for Table for Garage Sale
  50. Repair some outside stuff.

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