Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Finding Church

One of the things I've been doing lately while waiting for the spackling to dry in the nail holes, and when I probably should be doing other things is scouting out churches.

I come from a very good church, so I have high expectations. But in reflecting on all of this I've decided that I'm not sure how to go about examining the criteria. And as I've thought, "I want a church that does . . . " I've become aware that what I want isn't the issue. A pastor friend of mine says that most all church members join your church as a consumer. A pastor is responsible for turning church consumers into church contributors.

I don't want to be a consumer.

Plus there is a sense of urgency. Our time in Australia is relatively short, we don't want to waste it (which is probably how I should think about life in general . . . but that is another matter). So here are some questions I'm reflecting on and praying about:

  • What does God want us to do during this time?
  • What beliefs does the church absolutely need to adhere to. What beliefs can we "let slide" so to speak.
  • What is God doing in His church--the universal church? (I guess, in making a global move, I've begun to think more globally.)
  • Where can we best use our talents, skills, etc.
  • What can we learn from this new church? What can we take with us back to America?
  • How can this church assist us in reaching those who don't know Christ?
  • What would the perfect church look like to me? To Eric? What of those characteristics do we really want? (I hesitate in asking this question because sometimes I think God can place us in situations where we don't get the "church of our dreams", but it still might be the Church God intends we have.)

Anyway, gotta run.

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