Saturday, April 01, 2006

E-mail from Eric

Yesterday I took Elise to the doctor. She has a boil on her bottom. I've been given antibiotics. Still, Elise has been very uncomfortable lately. I also had the doctor look at Caleb since it seems every time he goes outside and rolls around in the grass he breaks out in a rash. Now both my kids are on Zyrtec. With the Texas drought this is supposed to be the worst allergy season in years.

So that is what we did yesterday.

I heard from Eric this morning. Here is what he did yesterday, which is actually today--if that makes any sense.

"I met a guy from work who took me on a yacht race today in Sydney Harbor. I mean, I’ve been sailing about 2 times in my life and today I’m literally on 20’ swells hoping that this thing does not tip over. The 6man Aussie crew I was with did not look worried so I tried to play it cool, too. We won the race (almost 3 hours) and it was quite a thrill. These guys just do not stop (they must not have kids!)"

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