Friday, February 24, 2006

I promise we will bring back the white towel!

Anyway, I thought I'd post this link to the Dilbert Blog. Not that I condone stealing from work, but having married a man who hasn't bought shampoo, conditioner, or hand soap in years because he travels with his work . . . well, lets just say I know the type.

Eric relishes taking showers at the gym because of the money savings. He also still wears some of his jeans from high school because, well, he can, and as of yet the holes are not in indiscriminate places. Though I won't let him wear the acid washed ones.* He has several shirts he'd still wear, but they seem to have mysteriously disappeared after he wore a certain red sweater from the late eighties to our church service. Unfortunatly, I could not find my Coca-Cola shirt and Bass loafers with the curliequed laces to match his style. We looked like we were auditioning for a Back to the Future remake.

No, all of our towels are not white with Marriott embroidered on them, but occasionally I notice a small gym towel in the laundry and I wonder if he accidentally put it in his bag, or if he really meant to take it! . . . Just kidding--I know the answer to that already.

*Okay, he doesn't own any acid washed jeans.

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