Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How's the Bible thing going?

Glad you asked.

If you have not read through the entire Bible from start to finish, YOU SHOULD! Okay, my preaching is a little premature because I haven't either. But I am in 2 Kings. And this is facinating stuff.

It is not difficult to understand. Well, let me qualify, I do read it and have questions, but I get the story line. Also, surprisingly there is a story line! I think we often forget that it is one story because we read the Bible piecemeal. Not that that is wrong, but I wonder if it is a good idea to do so without ever reading the entire thing (as I have done up until this point.)

One other thing. This is not hard. I have not had a problem keeping up (though I am only doing it six days a week and the 90 day Bible advocates seven.)

So, next time, I (and I am one who hates imposing on anyone) will be calling on others to join me. It is a great experience.

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