Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Tactic

As opposed to this one.

Caleb: No I don't want Nap Time. Mom, I don't love you!

Me: I love you Caleb.

Caleb: Well, I don't love you.

Me: I'm sad you don't love me. It is nap time.

Caleb: *Scream*--scary echo of mine from a few days ago

Me: I love you Caleb. (At this point I'm reminding myself that I do love this child.)

Caleb: Whisper (incomprehensible.)

Me: What?

Caleb: (Still in a whisper) I love you mom. I will always love you. You are my favorite mom.

Me: thinking* Well, what choice do you have.

Caleb: And even if you tell me it is nap time, I still love you.

Me: I'm so glad. I love you too. It is your nap time.

Caleb: Okay.

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