Monday, December 05, 2005

My Heroes

We had our small group Christmas Party last night. It was nice to get to visit with everyone. I am very thankful for the relationships I have in that group. Eric and I are the "leaders" but the members of the hometeam are my teachers.

Jason and Marianne are two examples of the kind of people God has allowed us to meet through our church and our small group. Just knowing them, brings Eric and I pleasure. They went through the Foster Parenting program and became foster parents two times. Now they are the parents of two beautiful children. Their daughter is one of two "helpers" to our babysitters that watch our children during hometeams. Their son is my son's power ranger companion, and though I probably owe much of the Power Ranger Saga to them, I don't hold it against them.

Marianne teaches school at First Baptist Grapevine but she also, through a life characterized by generosity, servanthood, humility and sincerity teaches her children those same qualities. As I am writing this, I'm looking at the empty wrapper of a present on my desk to Elise from her children. Last night, she came with cups, plates, juice boxes in hand ready to feed twelve kids and gifts for all. Knowing Marianne humbles me. She shows me what Christ meant when he took off his robe and washed the disciples feet.

Jason, like Marianne, constantly reminds Eric and me what it means to be mindful of others. Jason has helped members of our small group with their businesses. He can do everything. He's like McGuyver. Electrical work, carpentry, fence building. He can do it all and has done so for others.

They have both been generous with their home, time, talents. They are truly amazing people and we are blessed to know them.

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