Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Christmas cards

I just found out I have until the Epiphany to send out Christmas cards!

I'm still not sure when that is. At first I thought it was until I had an epiphany. I haven't had an epiphany, a real epiphanie, since I've had kids. Who has time for epiphanies. I can't even spell epifany. Anyway, I thought I was off the hook indefinetly.

But The Epiphany is an actual holiday.

Okay, I just now googled it; the short of it is this: It is celebrated on January 5th or 6th and it is the climax of the 12 days of Christmas (recall the never ending Christmas song?) beginning with the 25th or 26th. It is also supposed to celebrate the arrival of the three kings. I remember this from when I taught English. I had a few hispanic students that would leave for Mexico at Thanksgiving, forget all their English, and then return sometime during the second week in January. But predominantly it is a holiday meant to celebrate Christ's revelation to the world. So along with the acknowledgement by the kings, it also celebrates Christ's baptism, the wedding at Cana, etc.

*sigh* So I should be putting together our address book so I can mail these Christmas letters. I'm not good at these kinds of things as evidenced by the fact that when Excel asked me an obviously incomprehensible question and I clicked "yes", it was apparently asking if I wanted to play a matching game between the people's names and their respective addresses.

Now I have to start all over.


But luckily I just found out I have until the kings come to finish it, so I'm going to do something that is in my giftedness quadrant and procrastinate, but they always phrase it more postively-- I'm good in the clutch.

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