Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pastor Rick's sermon

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller is big on everyone's reading list. Anyway, Pastor Rick McKinley, the pastor of Imago Dei in Portland, Oregon, who is a prominent character in Blue Like Jazz spoke at Mars Hill Bible Church. It is worth a listen.

Since we are on the subject of Portland, I've been to Portland. Actually, Eric and I and the kids spent some time in the airport. It is a GREAT airport. The food in the restaurants was good and reasonably priced. We even had mexican food breaking our vow to only have Mexican food in a state that borders Mexico. (Eric won't even have Mexican food in Mexico, he says it tastes funny.) They had a neat one room museum about the Columbia river and this really cool kids area for Caleb and Elise. We got to see all of it. Now if they could just get the planes to leave on time.

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