Thursday, November 03, 2005

Family from Louisiana

Eric and I had the priviledge of helping Craig and Marva and their two sons, they were one of the families displaced from hurricane Katrina. Honestly, we didn't do all that much, mostly we were just honored to get to know them a little bit.

At their lowest point, when they thought they had pretty much lost everything, they told Eric and I that they wanted to show their boys how to handle difficult circumstances. They taught Eric and I as well. They took care of each other, their extended families and others around them. They immediately began helping us, the volunteers who had come to help them! They helped sort, unload, load, move furniture, anything that needed doing they did.

Mostly, we were impressed with their resiliency, their humility, their attitude, their faith.

Craig called today. They are back in Slidell. They are living in the upstairs of their home and restoring the first floor which was flooded by four feet of water. He is working at his same job, but he said everywhere it is chaotic and crowded.

I am hopeful for them. I think God is going to use them in great and mighty ways because of the faith they have shown in this trial. I am blessed to have met them.

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