Friday, November 04, 2005

Conversations with Caleb

Eric fed Caleb's Superhero fetish a double dose of Captain America comic books. Caleb insists we call him "Caleb the Power Ranger" or "Spiderman" or, I don't know, he makes a superhero up for everything he wears. Striped shirt--"Stripe man". Solid navy blue outfit--"Black Power Ranger" which has me worried that he may be color blind. Plaid shorts--"plaid man".

Last night when we were leaving Tia's Mexican food restaurant, Caleb informed us that he was the superhero and that I was he superhero's wife. Eric was the superhero's horse. We both laughed at this. Caleb said, in his exasperated voice, "No, Dad, horses don't laugh!" Four year olds are so easily exasperated.

Eric apologized.

To which Caleb replied, "They don't talk either."

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