Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More flowers

Last night at dinner, Caleb said the blessing. It was more of an ode to Halloween. "Thank you God for Halloween, I love Halloween, I just love Halloween. It is my favorite. I will obey. Amen."
Caleb is going to be Spider man as you might have guessed from the picture. I had said he could not wear his outfit until the Halloween party on Sunday, but he has just flat worn me down on this point. I've given in, and he wears his mask all over the house and in the back yard and in the car. But he has to take it off before we get out of the car!

So that I can show that I'm sticking to my guns on something.
Yesterday, I guess he paused from fighting the evil Doc Oc (sp?) long enough to pick some flowers in the backyard (really weeds and a sign that we need to mow the lawn. Again.)

The Spiderman outfit took a tremendous amount of time to find. I probably could have made one faster. I looked at three different stores for it. The only ones they had fit adults. They also had lots of "The Thing" costumes (from the fantastic four?). Yeah, I don't really remember him either. Obviously kids weren't real excited about being The Thing, and when you see some kid dressed as The Thing, you know their mom procrastinated on Halloween (Even more than I did.)

I finally went to Party City. I drove all the way to North Richland Hills, bypassing lots of perfectly good " The Thing" costumes on the way. Eric suggested next year all four of us could be the fantastic four. Which sounds great to me, because then I could be the invisible woman and just stay home. It looks like Fantastic Four costumes will be on sale this year.

I lobbied hard for Caleb to be Batman because I had found a cute Robin costume for Elise, but Caleb was not interested in being Batman because Batman did not have "lasers". I didn't know Spiderman had lasers. But Batman would not do. And if he wasn't going to be Batman, I wasn't going to dress my daughter as Robin. So Elise is going to be a cow.

So for Halloween instead of Batman and Robin, it will be Spiderman and Elsie.

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