Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Interesting question

Mark Morgan asks if it is fair to tell your kids that appearance doesn't matter? Actually the post deals with more than just that question.(See post here)But he does bring up a good topic to think about.

My children are 4 and 1, so appearance isn't a real big issue right now. Or at least I don't want it to be right now. There are other things that are more important. Caleb can dress himself, sometimes I cringe at what he puts on, but this is the kind of thing I can teach through encouragement. We can talk about how colors match and clash, etc. If he gets it fine, if not, no harm done. I'm just afraid that if I am correcting his appearance more than his actions (how he treats his sister, how he talks to others, etc.) he will think his appearance is more important.

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Robin said...

I struggle with this issue alot. Now that we have two kids, I don't have as much moeny or time to devote to my appearance. But, I know it means a lot to Terry. Personally, I think once our kids hit the teenage years, we won't have to tell them to worry about their appearance--they'll be primping so much we'll have to install extra mirrors in the house!