Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"Good in the clutch"

Eric says I'm good in the clutch. Problem is I tend to collapse afterward. Today I've got to get the house in order (so I can find my car keys). Getting the house in order is easier when I can't go anywhere.

This has been a difficult weekend.
Eric's dad is battling cancer. It has its highs and lows. This weekend was a low.
My debate coach and drama teacher from High School died in a car accident this weekend.
I read an interesting, though depressing article about Lincoln's depression in Atlantic Monthly.
Caleb wasn't feeling well over the weekend while visiting Mimi and Papa which prompted my dad via my mom to ask if I had any blood work done on him recently.

The last thing put me over the edge--I think. That is why I can't find my car keys.

I'm pretty sure Caleb is fine. Yesterday morning he was jumping up and down on the furniture in his Spiderman pajamas trying to coax some imaginary damsel in distress from the ceiling fan. But I'm a borderline hypercondriac when it comes to my kids, so I've taken his temperature six times in 24 hours. It's been normal everytime.

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