Friday, October 14, 2005


When I was about seven, maybe younger, I visited my Aunt Sally (that is her, holding the brain of one of her freshman psych. students. note* be careful what you sign up for in those intro psych. experiment credits.) and Uncle David in North Carolina. I got to sleep in the window seat of a finished out attic, which I thought was so cool. They have always lived in these 1920 style homes with lots of nooks and crannies that they usually fill with books. One book I remember laying on their coffee table was called Into the American West. It had pictures taken by Avedon of people from all over the West. I looked at that book for hours. Looking at the people in those pictures and wondering about their lives--well, lets just say it has added an entirely new dimension to attending county fairs and carnivals. In college I ran across a copy at Half Price books and bought it. I still have it, and Caleb and I looked at the pictures just the other day. Anyway, the exhibit has returned to the Amon Carter and I am going to see it.

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