Thursday, September 29, 2005

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I've begun to make some decisions concerning this Blog. I began it not really knowing what I wanted to do with it. I enjoy blogging and I was initially interested because of a post by Robin on her blog.. (See August 27th) Finally a way to assuage my guilt over not scrapbooking!
So here are a few reasons why I've decided to continue this blog:
  • It gives me a way to clarify issues that I am thinking about.
  • It is a good way for me to let family and friends from far away know what is going on in our family.
  • It is an easy way for me to develop writing skills.
  • It is (if I allow it) an exercise in authenticity.
  • It fits with the way I learn, or like to learn. I think blogging is a conversation (sometimes onesided, but a conversation nonetheless.)

This week my kids were sick for a few days and my husband is out of town, so I've had more time than usual to read other blogs. After reading some of the other blogs out there, I've decided to establish some guidelines for myself.

  • Blogging does not take the place of social interactions.
  • Stay positive about others--especially my husband.
  • Respect the privacy of my friends and family.
  • Keep the tone conversational. I do want to write about issues I'm thinking about. I do want to remain open to other points of view. I don't want to get into a screaming match on my blog.
  • No kids around while blogging.
  • Keep it personal. I won't write about issues that don't affect me or that I plan to do absolutely nothing about. If I don't have any influence over it, I'm not writing about it. (This one is hard, because I love to talk about issues that I don't have to do anything about. It is a nice distraction from those issues that I can and should actively address.)
  • I will keep the date accurate on my postings but the time isn't accurate.

Eric (my husband) and I believe that under normal circumstances our relationship comes before the relationship that we have with our children; however, that might not come across in my blog. While I believe in being up front about my shortcomings as a parent and a person, my marriage is a private matter involving another adult whom I love and respect. I've read some blogs that seem alarmingly private and although I do believe as a Christian we need to practice authenticity, there are places you just should not go without the other person's full and enthusiastic consent.


Addie said...

Great idea to set your goals down so that you know what you want from your blog! I've thought of your last point many times myself and completely agree. That is why my blog is mainly dedicated to being a mommy. Not because my kids are more important than my relationship with my husband, but really the other way around.

Great goals, thanks for sharing.

Robin said...

I agree with Addie. Although I can't recall coming across any blogs where women discuss, maybe to the negative, about their spouses, I can see where a blog would be an easy place to vent. I do have to be careful simply because of Terry's job what I put out there! Good job on your blog thus far. I am enjoying it immensely!

Leslie said...

Thanks Robin and Addie, There are a few that seem to cross the line. I won't point them out. But it made me decide to think ahead of time where I would and woundn't go in my blog.

praynlady said...

Leslie, I agree with both Addie and Robin. I know that one particular day, I was very upset with my husband and I blogged it. Not intentionally but I write what I'm feeling and my blog is about what is in my heart. Almost like I use it to spend time with God while I write. I said some things that I shouldn't have and regretted it but the point was that I felt that my blog was my space to write what I was feeling. At the time, I had only 2-3 readers. Now I have a few more and I do try to be cautious with my words but on occassion, it is my release of frustrations that lead me to posting. My husband is one of the greatest and if anyone needs a description of the best in the world, check out my post tomorrow. Paul has had an amazing 2 weeks, spending over 65 hours driving a manual transmission truck all over the U.S. for one reason or another, all due to hurricanes. Real ones and life ones. Disruptions in Life will be the title. Check it out for the details. It will not be there until tomorrow as I am limiting my time on the computer to 1 hour and I have reached my limit. I really enjoy reading yours and am glad I added it to my list.
For fun, check out a blog I found through a friend that talks about the value of a housewife! it is really funny but true!
God Bless