Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Then the woman left her water jar . . .

Again, Tianne Moon (a teacher at Fellowship Church in Grapevine) brought meaning to the details of one of my favorite stories in the Bible. More than that, she applied it to my life. The woman at the well had been with Jesus. He had given her living water, and so satisfied the spiritual thirsts of this womans heart. Then the woman left her water jar--that heavy jar, the one she had hauled out in the heat of the day, every day, to get water. She left it with Jesus.

I have a couple of jars that need filling. I don't really tell people about them, because then I have to admit my weaknesses and that is embarrasing. One jar is for the right schedule. If I can just get the right schedule down then my life will be easier and I will have more time to "self actualize" (former psych. major). If my children will nap at the same time, if my daughter will sleep later in the morning, if I can find a reliable babysitter, then I can spend more time reading my Bible, praying, serving, etc. The other jar is for physical fitness. If I lose a little more weight, eat better, exercise more and then, well if that doesn't work, just get better fitting clothes . . . Yes, when I lose that weight I'll be able to leave that water jar by the well and move on from these mundane tasks that are such a burden. Even now part of me wistfully thinks, "wouldn't my life be great if I could just fill those two jars!" But really, who am I kidding? The next day I'll need to return to the well and fill them. And I'll try to do it by myself because everybody else seems to already have their jars filled, and I hate being the only one with these two empty jars.

But today is going to be different. Because this morning I am going to the well with those jars. And when I take my jars and Jesus asks me for a drink, I'm going to sit and talk for awhile. And because He is God and willing to muster up human frailty on my behalf, I'll leave those jars for Him. And today I'll take the living water that he gives me back to the village.


FIrst Time Blogger said...

I too have some jars that need filling. My jar is the 'jar of accomplishments'. I have a plan for each day - a plan that tells me what I need to get done (my 'projects') in order for it to be a truly successful day. The Plan especially applies to vacation days from work because, after all, those are the days that I really NEED to make progress (who can build backyard furnature when they are at the office?!).

Coincidentally TODAY is a vacation day. I have a plan - there's a lot to do. Ut Oh- The Plan just got blown up by a 4 year old throwing a tantrum. Ut Oh - now I am left here at home with our 1 year old daugher. I guess The Plan needs to be changed. Or maybe my Plan for today is not really His Plan for today. Maybe my circumstances change in such a way that forces me to change My Plan to meet His Plan and ultimately results in my growth.

Maybe I should start yielding more to His Plan. Who knows it may take some of the pressure off of me!

Now where is that special toy my daughter likes so well?...

Robin said...

What a fabulous post, and I deal with those same things every day--except Reia doesn't nap at all!

Looking forwars to more!

praynlady said...

This was a beautiful post. I found you through Robin. Congrats on the blog. Come visit mine anytime. I love company.
That is one of my jars. The jar of loneliness, another one is a jar of reality. I have been alone in my home for so long now recouperating after surgeries, that I have grown very lonely. I have to now face reality that I did in fact help put myself in the loneliness. My reality gos something like this...I blog, therefore I am! Not really but most days it is my only contact with the real world and other "adults" as my 2 year old doesn't quite make a conversation easy! lol
Again, a beautiful post!

Addie said...

So true. I too have a couple of jars that start off with the title "Wouldn't my life be great if..."

Thanks for the reminder of the One who wants to fill our pots so that we will never thirst again!